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conozco replied to your post: femmefetus replied to your photoset: slightly…
yes yes yes i only want to do art history costumes ever! i’m so envious it came out PERFECT. was going to do the same thing this year but hurricane sandy was a bitch, stealing this next year though!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! AND PLEASE DO! it was honestly so ridiculously easy, just took some patience to do the face paint and even that didn’t take as long as i thought it would! sandy ruined a lot of things but i’m so glad you stayed safe, i need you to have a california visit and a me in ny and us crying in museums and getting drunk and macking visit and i need to see you do lichtenstein next year (for which you already have the perfect eyebrows i just realized!) and because i love you and think you are awesome.

  11/12/12 at 05:43pm

femmefetus replied to your photoset: slightly better pictures of my Roy Lichtenstein’s…
You are AMAZING omg!!!!!!!!

I KNEW YOU WOULD APPRECIATE THIS GIRL! i think i just want to do art history themed costumes for the rest of my life, venus de milo is my ultimate dream costume, i just gotta work up the nerve to go topless all day, ahahaha

paisleydanger replied to your photoHere are some shitty phone pictures of my costume…

Dude I was almost offended at how many people had to ask who I was or say “are you Ursula?” How does anyone not know these things?!

i really thought i was being so obvious, haha, i’m definitely in a bubble i guess, i don’t know HOW people didn’t know ursula though! that is insane! my roomie ellie was arthur and i thought it would be so obvious with a bright yellow sweater, ears and round glasses drawn on! i guess we’re just all living amongst uncultured troglodytes

getlowgetlowgetlogan replied to your photoHere are some shitty phone pictures of my costume…

  11/05/12 at 08:44am

theloudestvoice replied to your post: one of the worst things about sf is having to wear…
Ok so I am not the only one who does this? I just thought I had overly sensitive eyes or something! Phew. :)

i thought i was overly sensitive too! haha, but then i started looking for other people in shades and it’s everyone, haha

  09/12/12 at 05:41pm
  08/22/12 at 05:48pm

moustachioed replied to your post: you guys, i haven’t even had a good CRUSH on…
I don’t think it’s abnormal, you’re just very particular in what you like.

mm, i just worry that i’m too particular and judgey :(

  08/15/12 at 11:50pm

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I mean I’ve mostly just gotten used to being alone. it’s not irritating so much as sad sometimes? idk

yeah, i think the saddest thing about it is not even being able to get excited about the potential of someone, which is all the fun of a crush.  i think being alone might be my default situation. but i don’t know, it’s not even so much the lack of a real relationship as it is the fear that i cannot even find someone to become interested in, fascinated by, even if it remains unrequited.. hm

  08/15/12 at 11:44pm

newpyramids replied to your post: you guys, i haven’t even had a good CRUSH on…
it is so so so rare for me to have a crush on someone I thought it was just me

i’m so glad we’re not alone in this, do you find it super irritating? in high school i feel like i always had at least 3 crushes going, and now it’s nothing, i just find it incredibly aggravating as a person who really craves affection and too strong feelings for someone

  08/15/12 at 11:36pm

 i was just going to trim them a smidge, to get them out of my eyes… augh!

oh mama, thank youuu

moustachioed replied to your photo: i was so bored i cut my bangs which i should never…
awwwwwhahahahaha! Sorry. You’re still super cute!


paisleydanger replied to your photo: i was so bored i cut my bangs which i should never…
BUT THE SHORT BANGS ARE SUPER CUTE! Also when I move to the bay we will go on dates & make out ALL THE TIME.

my forehead cannot handle the responsibility if being exposed and my hands cannot handle the grunt work of keeping them in place, wah wha wah. also, down.

getlowgetlowgetlogan replied to your photo: i was so bored i cut my bangs which i should never…
Awww, mar, I love you. It looks great!


  08/15/12 at 10:40pm

youidiotkid replied to your photo: my hair was so loooooong, i miss it a little…
I miss mine sometimes too. I was looking for my sock that I used for sock buns the other day, and then I remembered that my hair is too short for that now…

i think the thing i miss the most is the ease of just throwing it up and looking at least a little put together. now i can’t even do a proper top-knot D’:

  08/15/12 at 08:32pm

moustachioed replied to your post: 3, 22, 23, 91
But if you took a guy’s virginity, you might be the “first girl” that the next girl could appreciate, instead of hate!

nope. i’ve had to teach dudes enough basic basic pleasure techniques, i want someone who knows what they’re doing, i want someone to teach me something new for once! if i sound bitter it’s because i am :( also this is something i have ranted about so many times, haha, when you’ve had to teach one too many boys the ropes (so to speak, i’m not personally into bondage though) you can get really tired of it

  08/15/12 at 07:09pm

  06/02/12 at 12:45am

getlowgan replied to your post: dudes
What a winner.

logan, i’m just gonna marry you and be celibate the rest of my life, or get a pool boy, either way, I’LL HAVE YOU!

  06/02/12 at 12:32am