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accidentally lipsticked my princess freckle face fluffy bottom cassie girl, she still looked mega precious

  07/11/12 at 04:06pm

these have been my nails lately, you should just ignore my weird claw thing and just look at the PRETTY COLORS

(that last one is whimsical, i had to go way out of the way to find it, but it was worth it!)

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  03/29/12 at 10:05am

it’s snow white night, this is my impression of the evil queen when she’s falling off the cliff

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  09/12/11 at 10:06pm

ellie once told me the story of how her oceanography professor had tried to kill himself after being rejected by the woman he loved

he got on his bicycle, helmet-less, rode to the busiest street in the city, in the dark of the night, and proceeded to ride through every single red light of every intersection, hoping a car would hit him

at the time it struck me as sad, hilarious and beautiful. i couldn’t help but to picture it like a scene in a movie, him whizzing by on his bike, hair blowing, red lights flashing by, cinematic and heartrending and awful

and then tonight i started thinking about how my own life might look that way from the outside, or maybe seen by myself in the future, but that it’s hard to see it as anything but shitty in the present

so i’ve come to the conclusion that my life will always feel like shit while it is happening, but i can hope that someday i will look back on it and see it as sad, hilarious and beautiful

  09/10/11 at 04:44am

ooooh i can’t WAIT for it to get warmer so i can sleep outside every night, watching the stars, meteor showers, the bats, having the sun warmly, slowly wake you, THE WAY THE AIR SMELLS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

its one of the best things about summer in grass valley

(can you guys tell how relieved i am to be out of the city?)

  05/30/11 at 01:39am

noe valley, san francisco, california

  02/01/11 at 11:10pm

i miss these rascals

  01/21/11 at 11:23pm