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I look downstairs and all I see is my enormous cat Oscar, sitting like a human, starring right back at me.

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forever pining

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archival footage of GUNS FOR HIRE [x]




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The Victorian Obsession with Hummingbirds

The Victorians were - quite literally and without the least exaggeration - absolutely besotted with hummingbirds.  Not only did the number of known species proliferate over the nineteenth century - from 18 in 1758 to over a hundred in 1829 - but each new discovery seemed to shimmer more brightly with all the colours of the rainbow or was even smaller or more perfectly formed than all that had been seen in England before.  “There is not, it may safely be asserted, in all the varied works of nature in her zoological productions,” William Bullock wrote about hummingbirds in 1824, “any family that can bear a comparison, for singularity of form, splendour of colour, or number and variety of species, with this the smallest of the feathered creation.”

Hummingbirds were frequently arranged on branches and displayed in visually intoxicating hoards like the image[s] above, believed to have been created by Bullock in the mid-nineteenth century.  As Judith Pascoe notes, the diminutive size of hummingbirds and their appeal as bijouterie “increased the enthusiasm for and the ease of creating these kinds of conglomerations.”  Hoarding accentuated the shimmer and vibrancy of the plumage and created a sort visual ecstasy for those not lucky enough to see the birds alive in the indigenous habitats.

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A Veiled Beauty of Constantinople, Frederick Arthur Bridgman

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imagine if peeta’s dad was a butcher not a baker

his name could be meeta

if peeta’s dad sold vegetables 

his name could be beeta

if peeta’s dad owned a zoo

his name could be cheeta

if peeta’s dad was on a welcoming committee

his name could be greeta

if peeta’s dad went on twitter

his name could be tweeta

if peeta’s dad was a housemaid

his name could be neata

if peeta’s dead owned some sheep

his name could be bleeta

if peeta’s dad owned a candy store

his name could be sweeta

if peeta’s dad was a podiatrist

his name could be feeta

if peeta’s dad was a furniture maker

his name could be seata

if peeta’s parents were martha and the vandellas

his name could be dancing in the streeta

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A unbearably cute little Girl shows off her pet toad at the Animal Show in Venice Beach, Ca. c.1936

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If I ever get a cat, he shall always be clad thus, FOR BATTLE

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Maybelline makeup artist Charlotte Willer’s amazing brushes: “I paint them with nail polish.” Photographed by Laurel Pantin.

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