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Shannon J. creates a matte Halloween nail look!  

  10/30/12 at 07:26am

I should list what I used but there’s sooo many, I loved doing the flags though, SO easy! I wish. I had done all of them, still, I love a holiday mix up

  07/04/12 at 07:52pm


Nubar Faded Jeans with OPI Gone Gonzo used as a glitter gradient, with a little a lot of mixed animal print for flare!

i still haven’t gotten my hands on ANY of the opi muppet glitters, and won’t be able to for a while because i am broke and jobless, wah wah poo poo pee pee

anyone want to be my sugar daddy and buy me lots of nail polish? i will let you sit with me while i paint my nails and watch toddlers and tiaras?

  12/29/11 at 07:55pm



Check out these Monet inspired nails! Click the link for more amazing nail art inspired by art history


so goooooood