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came across this gem while searching facebook for a possible head shot…. yep.

  12/15/12 at 08:40pm
  09/12/12 at 03:49pm

i got all prettied up to go out tonight and then found out that no one wants to go anymore. so now i’m all made up with nowhere to go.

if you live in or around the richmond you should take me out for a drink right now

  09/02/12 at 10:47pm

new short hair! i can’t stop touching it!

  07/06/12 at 11:50pm

Favorite of kaia’s headbands, over-edited to hide my sunburn

  06/16/12 at 04:56pm

i’m trying this thing where if i look in the mirror and like my body i take a picture of it, to remind myself that it looks pretty much exactly the same on the days that i don’t like it so i remember that i’m a babe and all the self doubt is just in my head, put there by evils that want me to hate myself for evil reasons

there’s also these

  06/01/12 at 10:54pm

(via handoverman)

  05/26/12 at 01:37am

when i don’t sleep i have more time to get ready for school and so i always look bomb after an all nighter.  spring has finally hit me in the face and i am embracing it and reevaluating the things i already have instead of lusting after other stuff all the time. lately i haven’t been enjoying my closet as much as i used to, i was convinced it was because i needed new clothes, but the past month or so i’ve been wearing things i haven’t worn in AGES in totally new ways and it makes me feel so good. everything i’m wearing today i’ve had for at least a year or two but i feel so excited about getting dressed that its like having new clothes. i also have realized that i need to clean out my closet again, i have way too many clothes for one person, and i already have a half dozen big bags back home of clothes i cleaned out, i would try and sell it all but it’s just a bunch of cheap fast fashion junk and old t-shirts

ANYWAYS! even though i didn’t sleep and still have a ton of work to do for finals, i can deal because i look and feel fabulous and it’s awesome

  05/07/12 at 03:55pm

the past few weeks i’ve been doing this thing where i’ll take a bunch of stupid pictures intending to post one on here, but i haven’t been on much and i’d forget or our internet would be too slow, blah blah blah

anyways, here’s several weeks worth of amara’s mugging and trying to show off nails subtly


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  01/05/12 at 05:00pm


Snackcercise - Muppet Wiki

The perfect exercise for hungry pigs.

  11/15/11 at 08:21am

thinking about doing a frida kahlo sugar skull costume for halloween… hmm

also trying to convince my family to have a dia de los muertos party so i can do this to everyone!

  10/15/11 at 07:59pm

i washed my bangs and squeezed into pants to go to a party but i drove around forever and couldn’t find it so i came home. this is my favorite lipstick right now, it smells and tastes like grape juice. AND I FINALLY FOUND FOREST GREEN NAIL POLISH WHICH I HAVE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT FOR MONTHS

  10/15/11 at 12:20am


  10/10/11 at 03:48pm

i always feel like im dating the leader of the pack when i wear this jacket and winged liner. and like i could punch better

  10/10/11 at 03:17am


holy shit. i swear to god i thought that it was a picture of ryan gosling with amara lol. 

you mad, wilder?! bahahaha!

what do you mean “thought”? it is me! and my new boyfriend forever

  10/07/11 at 01:16am