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Behind the scenes of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

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I am not going to talk about the startling color of her eyes or her amazing beauty but what she brings to the screen: her presence, her volatility, her sense of truth. I was always staggered by her ferocity—it was a privilege to watch her. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, but she is also a generous human beingone who cherishes and works at her friendships. She gives her talent and her time unselfishly… She has risen above her pain and troubles to help others overcome theirs. A courageous survivor, a hell of an actress, and someone I am extremely proud to know. — Paul Newman on Elizabeth Taylor
I loved that man with all my heart. He was goodness and kindness and pure integrity. I know he loved his family, his wife, the world and mankind. He was purity of heart. Working with him was such a joy. Knowing him, being his friend, was as golden as the sunset and a privilege I’ll never forget. I thank God and feel so honored for that privilege. May he be in God’s embrace forever. — Elizabeth Taylor on Paul Newman

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Elizabeth Taylor in “Doctor Faustus” 1967

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Elizabeth Taylor, age twelve, rides her bike through Beverly Hills in 1944. Photographed by Peter Stackpole.

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this is like if there was a grown up version of Linnea in Monet’s Garden

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