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doorhingeteeth asked: I love how you're just going through my blog ;)

i’m so weird, i like, systematically catch up on my favorites when i’ve been off for a while, haha, anyways, i can’t help it that everything you post is so good!

  11/13/12 at 02:55pm

Anonymous asked: is "Gates of Dawn" the costume for next year?

ohman, that would be the best thing, i’d have to work on my abs a lot though, did you see that babe? i’m actually thinking of trying to pull off a mucha, they have all the best accessories and i could carry around a big art nouveau frame all night to maintain my personal space (that was easily the best thing about having a bulky cardboard aspect to my costume)

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  11/12/12 at 05:56pm

moustachioed asked: nope, that's a dildo.

this took me a minute, and then i started dying laughing

  09/09/12 at 08:15pm

moustachioed asked: I never realised until that gif, that you are Sailor Moon. Like, I can't think of anything more appropriately relatable to you.



holy shit, you are so fucking spot on i can’t even handle it, like, i think every girl on tumblr relates to her but damn. when i really think about it…. i am sailor moon. i am usagi.

  08/22/12 at 04:50pm

subtlegaysubtext asked: 68, because I know you totes love her. 78, 47, 34, 24, 17

68. Favorite Taylor Swift song?

oh what’s that one where she’s whining and slut shaming and promoting horrible values and blaming everyone else for her own stupidity and acting like a child? that one.

78. Who would you like to see in concert?

the ronettes in their heyday. CAN YOU IMAGINE!?! god, i just want to go back in time and make myself a great big girl group fest and bask in the happiness

47. Who was the last person to call you?

my momma

34. Listening to?

gravity falls, cartoons always, i don’t even listen to music anymore

24. What do you want right this second?

an oreo ice cream bar, because i’ve been drinking…

and a cute boy to mack on, to be fair though these are both things that i almost always want

17. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?

i’m very uncomfortable talking to almost everyone about everything but i’m lucky to have a few people who i spread it around to, including you loveylady

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  08/15/12 at 08:31pm

getlowgetlowgetlogan asked: 1, 63!

1. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged?

been there done that, now it’s a good friendship

63. First concert?

like real one that i got to pick? first one i remember? first concert was a festival in tahoe that my dad was playing i think, i was like 2 months old. the first one i remember was another concert my dad played for, a fourth of july thing at a rock quarry near santa cruz ( it was the best, there were huge dirt piles to play on and they would hook up swings to those super tall cranes and it was the highest i’ve ever swung) where i saw this kids singer, linda something who sang about pizza and monsters and rainbows (oh hey 90’s) and that night they had mary wilson (of the supremes, AWESOME, I KNOW!) and there was a huge slideshow of the supremes and afterwards i went backstage with my dad and i saw her whisked off to her dressing room in a huge blue marabou feather lined robe and i fell in love

  08/15/12 at 07:06pm

moustachioed asked: 3, 22, 23, 91

3. Have you taken someones virginity?

i don’t think so but i know that i have been the next girl a few too many times, and i get mad at first girl for apparently teaching those dudes NOTHING. i basically never want to take a guy’s virginity, never ever.

22. Would you ever want to swim with sharks?

i don’t thinks so…

23. Are your eyes the same color as your dad’s?

actually, i think they are the exact same, i never thought about that before…. BUT I DO

91. Best room for a fireplace?

whatever the main room in the house is where everyone goes to automatically. (or the bathroom, which is basically the same thing i suppose, wouldn’t that be neat though?)

  08/15/12 at 06:54pm

yoconozco asked: come to the east coast right now missy!

I WIIIISH LADY, once i get a job the first thing i’m saving for is a trip back east! there’s family there, i love that horrible summer humidity, museums, AND YOU, oh man, we would go to museums too, and cry in front of paintings and make it better by carousing or something

  07/11/12 at 06:10pm

youidiotkid asked: I know we don't like, ~interact~ much, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you are really awesome! You are one of my favorite people that I follow.

AHH! THANKYOU! AND LIKEWISE! I’m pretty sure you’re one of the first people i ever followed and i have thoroughly enjoyed it! 

  05/16/12 at 04:13pm

getlowgetlowgetlogan asked: AMARA GET OF TUMBLR AND STUDY!

i’m trying but my butt hurts so much! you should come to sf and help me study, i don’t know how to do it myself :(

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  05/14/12 at 11:22pm

getlowgetlowgetlogan asked: 10

10: Ever fallen in the shower?

youuuuu, i figured one of my witness would ask this when i saw it, ha

i have fallen in the shower on several occasions, the most dramatic of which happened at the 2009 Odyssey of the Mind world finals in iowa i think?

during the semester there were several times where i would nearly pass out, ie, blacking out, tunnel vision, my hearing would go, i’d get really overheated, dizzy etc, and it was the worst, OH precursor to the story, early in the semester i was at border’s sitting on the floor reading a giant heavy art history book, when i finally finished i started to stand and suddenly my ankle (which was asleep) gave out completely, twisted and i started to black out again, after that my ankle was swollen for a long time and whenever it gave out, it would trigger the black out thing (the key though, is that i had not yet actually passed out)

SO it was then spring and during worlds you stay in the dorms of the university holding the event.  these dorms had communal bathrooms, with a row of about four showers along the back wall. to get into the shower you had to step down about 5 inches into it. i of course twisted my ankle as i stepped down and immediately (for the first time) passed out, i woke up on the floor with paisley trying to wake my poor naked ass up, confused and sore. then i was still feeling like shit so i turned on the water really cold and tried to convince everyone i was fine, then later i really was and it became kind of funny in retrospect

i hope no one reads this all the way through, gaha, it’s such a long convoluted way to say that yes, i did fall in the shower once because i passed out and there were children there and my friends helped me and my ankle hurt

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  01/22/12 at 11:26pm

moustachioed asked: 1, 18, 38



1: What do you put on hotdogs?

i fucking love hot dogs, i generally put a squiggle of mustard down one side of the bun and than a massive amount of ketchup on the other side, my hotdogs always drip extra ketchup. sometimes i eat chili dogs

18: What’s your favourite freezie colour?

what is a freezie? is that like a freeze pop or otter pop? if so, i usually go for orange or blue or pink, my mom won’t buy them anymore because we left the top tab things and the sleeves all over the house, stuffed between couch cushions, down vents, on top of the tv, everywhere

38: How are your elbows? Are they okay?

my elbows are good, a little dry, a little pointy, but yeah, pretty good

  01/22/12 at 11:08pm

getlowgetlowgetlogan asked: Happy Half-Birthday!

thank you bear! to celebrate kaia and i made 2 dozen funfetti cupcakes and then i ate a quarter dozen. then i sat around in my pajamas all day and whined about being sf homeless. if i see you soon you can have a cupcake!

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  01/03/12 at 10:37pm