my weekend in review; drove kaia to dance, went to home depot in search of neon rope and logan, only found rope, a windy flea market with dad and kaia, we determined that our wares (dad’s nice bonsai, kaia’s crowns and my bracelets) were not quite in keeping with the demographic in attendance (though kaia did sell a headband to a grandma, bought it for her granddaughter but wore it all afternoon, adorable), got horrible sunburn at the market because dad kept moving the umbrella to protect his trees instead of his daughters, went home, slathered myself in aloe and had a good long nap with the love of my life morrie, had a guy remember how much i love fox barrel blackberry infused pear cider and brought to a wine bar that had it on tap, then went to another bar that reminded me how redneck it is up here, and spent yesterday immobilized by burns… overall pretty good

  06/11/12 at 05:14pm
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