a few weeks ago when i was home for spring break i showed my little sister kaia the rookie crown tutorial video, she was so excited about it and immediately ransacked my craft hoarder stash, found a bag of old headbands, pulled out the glue gun and got to work.  in the time it took me to make ONE (though very detailed) she churned out all of these and hasn’t stopped in the weeks since. every time i go home she has more to show me! she also has not stopped texting me (via mom and dad’s phones) asking if i put them online yet so that the rookie editors could see, so i am finally making good on my promise! this is kaia, ten year old awesome girl and glue gun prodigy and younger sister of a crazy proud big sister

  04/23/12 at 07:35pm
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    i’m so overwhelmed by all the affection this has gotten! i posted this less than 24 hours ago, this is crazy! but also...
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