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I told her to go find a toy and she brought me a leaf. 


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Pickle & Pals

Goat babies always and forever are my loves

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What if Adventure Time girls had a band in the 60’s ? 

Stickers coming soon !

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Sleepy Animals (Part 1)

Previously: Animals Being Jerks

That first kitty looks like my dodger baby but not quite as cute because she has her little mustache nose and let’s be real, I’m biased because she snuggles with me and is a precious perfect hedonist princess

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"Girl With a Pearl Ughhhhhhh" by Beth Clothier

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This is so many of things I love. I can’t.

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Post-judging hotel gossip hangout!
I love these two.

Heeeey guys, I’m still alive, my looks have taken a turn for the worse and I spend most of my time with my cat, but I am alive!

  03/24/13 at 12:06pm

today i had an interview for my dream job but found out rather quickly that even though i would be great at it, i simply live too far away for it to be practical for me or the employer. also that if i wasn’t moving out of sf/the general bay area and going back home that i would almost definitely have had the job AND tons of bookings.  but i can’t afford to live here without a student loan and i can’t take another semester of failure. then later i cried in the car while my lovely mom and sister tried to comfort me and i cried and whined and made everyone uncomfortable and it was the worst. and i wish i hadn’t told so many people about the interview or been so confident about getting it and now it’s just another job fail (like macy’s hiring me to work the cosmetics counter and then never calling me back with any hours) and i’m embarrassed and crushed and sad and in sf so i can’t even bury my face in george’s belly while he licks the tears and glitter off my cheeks. i hope 2013 is better, but it probably won’t be because apparently i live in bummertown usa.

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the night/morning before last i had a very long awful heat-induced dream where i was in the middle of a religious war and in internment camps and hiding on trains and in refugee camps and in brainwashing chapels and the first person i couldn’t save was my sister and then i couldn’t help george or morrie and the whole thing was awful and instead of forgetting details the longer i was awake the more shit i remembered and it was the worst. and today was no good either. i’m in bummer town.

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I love my potbelly georgie boy so much

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Paris c.1930

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This is my Georgie being precious, yesterday I thought he’d gotten outside and I almost had a panic attack and then we found him hiding on top of a box under the pool table and my mom told me that he is teaching me to be a good parent and then I cried into his fat little belly

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Changed indeed, mysterious, wonderful.

William T. Horton, from The Mahatma and the Hare, a dream story, by Henry Rider Haggard, New York, 1911.


Ah!!!!! I’ve got an interview for possibly the greatest job ever!!!! Weeeeeeee!!!! I’m so excited!!!

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came across this gem while searching facebook for a possible head shot…. yep.

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